Feb 23

Tanks a lot….

Manx Norton Tank

Well at last some progress on the Manx, the swinging arm is in place. We had decided to use a 16mm spindle so the spacer bushes were bored and reamed to 16.2 and the frame gusset drilled to suit. The spacers were machined to ensure the swinging arm is central in the frame. The forks, yokes, and front wheel were collected by a friend and we have to pick them up from Taunton tomorrow- pictures to follow in a few days. As you can see we have also acquired a petrol tank. Doesn’t seem like much has happened but we still have to try and earn a crust and not be to distracted by our projects, a little easier said than done!


Feb 14


Yup that’s going to sting a bit in the morning

Here’s what happens when someone try’s to park a Superbike on you at 150 mph…..

Feb 14

B25 in need of work

A BSA B25 engine that needs a little more work than anticipated before removing the head.

Feb 14

Manx Norton project update

On the Manx Norton project front:
The Manx engine is in production at Andy Molnar’s. The frame is under construction at Dave Degens, under our precise instruction regarding its geometry and construction.

Our design and manufacture of the Left foot gear change linkage is under way along with rear sets and rear brake pedal and linkage. Again look out for photos as we progress.
More to follow soon.

Feb 14

Making an R6 a little racier!

So this weeks challenge is an R6 head that is being prepped for racing, it’s ready to have the relief angles cut for the valve seats, and the seats concetricity checked then we will assemble it with its valves and springs, fit it back with the engine, along with its Kent super sport cams and slotted timing chain wheels, this is where we hold our breathe and take very great care with the valve timing and checking the piston to valve clearances to make sure those millimetres give maximum power. There will be more pictures to follow up our work while we are doing this.R6 Head